Incoming 3rd Grade

Summer is an exciting time of the year, kids like to have fun everyday. I  would love to know what you guys did the whole summer. The students should make a journal entry every day before going to bed, writing what they did whole day. I don’t want entire essays but a couple of lines with date and day explaining how did you spend your day.

Please decorate your journals and bring it back the following school year. This will be graded in your MP 1.

Suggested Titles for Incoming Third Graders – 2020

 Suzy Kline Rats on the Roof               James Marshall

 Cam Jansen (series)                            David A. Adler

 The Bravest Dog Ever                          Natalie Standiford

 Freckle Juice                                         Judy Blume

 From Flower to Honey                        Robin Nelson

 Toys Go Out                                         Emily Jenkins

 The Name Jar                                      Yangsook Choi

 I Face the Wind                                     Vicki Cobb

 Author: A True Story                            Helen Lester

 Living Color                                          Steve Jenkins

 Amber Brown is Not a Crayon             Paula Danziger

 Arthur’s Teacher Trouble                     Marc Brown

 Class Clown                                        Johanna Hurwitz

 I Was a Third Grade Spy                    Mary Jane Auch

 Muggie Maggie                                   Beverley Cleary