Baytul-Iman Academy is an Award winning, non-profit, 501(c)(3) Tax exempt Full-time Islamic School which also provides, After-school, Weekend School, Qur’an Tajweed & Tafseer classes, Youth camps, Summer Camps, Community Programs, Ramadan Tarawieh, Daily, Friday Salah, Eid Salah & Fair, International Cultural Fair etc. in our two campuses in Hazlet and Old Bridge, NJ. In spite of low tuition, it has won amazing awards mashaAllaah in almost every field including Qur’an competitions, Islamic Quiz, NJ Science Olympiad (1st Place Trophy), Math Olympiad, Math League, Spelling Bee, Poetry, Model UN Debating, Essay writing etc. while some of our students have memorized the entire Qur’an and have lead Ramadan Tarawieh in 8 locations Alhamdulillah. Baytul-Iman aims to provide outstanding and well-rounded education to its students, focusing on high scholastic achievement, as well as character building, to promote talented, balanced, productive, compassionate and law abiding citizens of our nation in sha Allaah.

In the Covid-19 closure situation, with many losing jobs, and Baytul-Iman facing financial difficulty, we humbly urge those who Allaah SWT has blessed with income, to support.

Our annual loan installment to UIF is $71.4K for our Hazlet building (purchased from Brookdale Community College). Funds are needed urgently for Heating and Roofing updates.

Baytul-Iman’s efficient operations give a big bang for your Tax deductible buck.

How can you support us:

    • Preferred is Monthly donations by texting a picture of voided check with monthly amount to 732-705-1BIA (732-705-1242)
    • One time donations by Venmo @Baytul-Iman or uploading a picture of check here or texting a picture of check to 732-705-1BIA (732-705-1242)
    • Donate via Zelle to
    • Mailing a check to BIA, 311 Laurel Ave, Hazlet, NJ 07734
    • Donate on our Facebook Page:
    • Credit Card donations (not preferred) using the PayPal options provided below.

      Monthly Subscriptions:

    • Make a one time donation:
  • Donate Stocks, properties, IRA, vehicles now or in your will.
  • Donate your time. Join a volunteer committee.
  • Encourage your friends and family members to give monthly or one-time donation.
  • If you shop at Amazon, Amazon will donate of percentage of your purchase to Baytul-Iman Academy. Click Here to start shopping (and donating).
  • Remember in your Duas.

May Allaah (SWT) give increased Nusrah, Barakah & all Khayr and make our coming generations a means of Sadaqa Jariyah (continuing Charity) for us. Aameen. Also, please tell us about other potential donors.

In general, donations of long-term appreciated stock, mutual funds or property directly to a qualified charity are deductible at their fair market value, and you don’t pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation. You may also consider donating in your will and on behalf of deceased or living Parents or other relatives.

Save your beneficiaries estate tax of 40% by a legacy gift, which can reduce the amount of your taxable estate.
An IRA owner age 70 1/2 can exclude from gross income up to $100,000 distribution from their IRA by giving it directly to Baytul-Iman. Also, this distribution can satisfy required minimum distributions for the year. Charitable deductions still allowed under AMT. Tax laws subject to change. Contact your accountant for updates


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