A small donation of time or money can make a big difference in an individual life or the life of a family.Baytul Iman needs your support for new building plan.Your $20 donation each month will help Baytul Iman Academy to grow and flourish and make Islamic education affordable.We encourage supporters to contribute a minimum of $20 and/or volunteer your service to meet Baytul Iman’s needs. By focusing on small acts of sadaqa/support, we can support Islamic education in our community.

How can you support us:

  • $20 donation each month
  • Send donations to via Venmo.
  • Donate your time. Join a volunteer committee.
  • Encourage your friends and family members to sign-up for a monthly donation of $20
  • Remember in your Duas.

Payment options

 Make a donation to school:

Baytul-Iman Academy invites your du’as, suggestions, ideas, talents and resources towards furthering our mission, vision and goals Insha’Allaah. Baytul-Iman Inc. is an 501(c)3 Federal Tax Exempt Organization.

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