A short Biography of Dr. Talat Sultan – Principal of  Baytul-Iman Academy

  • Originally fromPakistan
  • Received his Masters in Islamic History and Culture fromUniversityofKarachi.
  • Came to December 1962
  • Received Doctorate of Education from University of California, Los Angeles
  • Served as:
    • Professor of Education and Chairman, Division of Education and Psychology at Barber-Scotia College, Concord, NC.
    • Director of Education for Islamic Society ofNorth America [ISNA].
    • Professor of Research in Islamic Education at UmmAl-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
    • Principal of Pleasant View [an Islamic elementary] School, Memphis, Islamic Foundation School [Largest Islamic elementary, middle and high school in the U.S.], Chicago, Phoenix Metro Islamic School [Day Care through Eighth]  and Washington Islamic Academy , Alexandria, VA.

 Also served as:

  • Author and Director of four federal projects for in-service teacher education and community development.
  • Consultant and resource person on Islamic education to the governments ofBruneiandMalaysia, International Islamic Universities of Pakistan andMalaysia, Islamic communities centers of the Caribbean’s and scores of Islamic schools in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Founder President, Islamic Circle of  North America, 1968-75 & 2003-05
  • President, Association of Muslim Social Scientist, 1979-81.

 Author of five books on Islamic Education:

  • Curriculum Guide for Islamic Studies, Makkah: UmmAl-Qura University, 1992, 295pp.
  • Muslim Education and Community Development: An analytical Case Study of Pakistan. Makkah: Umm Al-Qura University, 1991,74pp.
  • Islamization of Education: The Need and the Plan. Makkah: Umm Al-QuraUniversity, 1995, 95pp.
  • Manual for Curriculum Guides: An Islamic Perspective. Makkah: UmmAl-QuraUniversity, 1996.128pp
  • Islami Nazm aur Uske Lawazimat, [ with three other co-authers],Lahore: Islamic Publications, 1997, 120pp.

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